Mined, Made, Moved

MMM ReportsChallenge:

How do you promote industrial lubricants to senior decision-makers?


Castrol has a natural authority within the market but needed to elevate the conversation beyond lubricants. Through an in-depth immersion and research programme, we discovered an opportunity to make a step-change in Castrol’s engagement with external audiences (media, clients and prospects).

We developed a unique new proposition to shift the organisation’s positioning away from what it does (industrial lubricants) to what it enables – namely that Castrol lubricates the global economy. Nothing in the world is ‘Mined, Made or Moved’ without Castrol. With this in mind, Man Bites Dog designed, scoped and delivered an effective global platform for profitable conversations with the C-suite and targeted sector marketing via the Castrol Global Trade Barometer.

The Barometer, based on specialist economic modelling, provides rich data that is owned by Castrol and tells the story of global trade. This has helped position Castrol at the forefront of the issues that matter to customers and partners through forward-looking content.

Content assetsMan Bites Dog developed an integrated international marketing campaign to launch the barometer, with a primary focus on the US and Germany. We created a wide range of content assets including media alerts, bylined articles, whitepapers, videographics, audiobooks, infographics, microsites, social media posts, and imagery. For internal activation, and maximum sales impact, we developed a full briefing programme, toolkits and presentations for key sector and function-focused heads within the Castrol business.


The campaign generated significant measurable engagement with the content and brand while the ongoing campaign continues to raise brand awareness and fuel ideas-led sales meetings.

To date, the campaign has achieved:


Global speaker platforms
secured during phase one soft launch


Videographic views
in first week of phase one soft launch


LinkedIn impressions
during launch week


International media hits including 11 in China
in first month


Report downloads
in first month