Accounting for a Better World

Man Bites Dog created an exciting new, long-term agenda for ACCA – the global body for professional accountants – redefining the role of the profession in shaping a fairer, more resilient and inclusive future for all.


ACCA challenged Man Bites Dog to develop a global brand platform to promote ACCA and highlight the essential role the accounting profession plays at the heart of societies and economies. 

Building on the critical role professional accountants played in stabilising business in the midst of the global pandemic, Man Bites Dog worked with ACCA to identify a need to redefine the role of the profession post-Covid, as the urgent need to reset global economies for sustainable growth became clear. 

Using our 4D ideation model, Man Bites Dog created an exciting new, long-term strategic positioning agenda for ACCA to lead and champion. Accounting for a Better World envisions the future of the accountancy profession, identifying seven new dimensions of impact: 

  • building resilient economies
  • developing the talent of tomorrow
  • driving sustainable business
  • supporting entrepreneurial growth
  • strengthening ethics and trust
  • transforming the public sector
  • advancing standards and regulation.

With skills, knowledge and experience that transcend sectors and borders, we set out to create a brand platform to reposition the accountancy profession as being uniquely placed to shape a fairer, more resilient and inclusive future for all.   


Man Bites Dog conducted in-depth qualitative research, interviewing stakeholders from across the globe on how the accounting profession makes a difference to business, Government and economies. With the global nature of accountancy – and the central role of accountants working in and for organisations – this campaign demonstrates how the profession is unique in its ability to drive change. Guided by ethics, integrity and transparency, it highlights how accountants have a distinctive perspective that ensures the decisions leaders make in all sectors are anchored in an organisation’s core purpose, have a positive impact on stakeholders and shape a path towards a sustainable and equitable future. 

Designed as ‘a big conversation’ to teach, inspire and mobilise others, this agenda was supported with the development of a ‘hero’ digital campaign brochure for use with external stakeholders and a collection of stories based on interviews with leaders of public and private organisations, accountants and ACCA leadership, on each of the seven dimensions of impact.

To equip ACCA’s own people with the underlying brand narrative, we developed an internal ‘foundation’ document. We also created a Big Conversation toolkit to engage influential stakeholders in debate about what more the profession could do to create a better world.  


The Accounting for a Better World brand platform is the foundation of a critical, long-term agenda, highlighting how the accountancy profession is shaping a better future for all. It has been the catalyst for ACCA to convene and engage a community of change – global governments, policymakers, international business leaders and others – on the role of the profession in driving positive change and helping policy makers realise a better world.

The initiative has been rolled out across the globe, to the ACCA community and beyond, and continues to be amplified. 

The campaign has already played an important positioning role at a number of milestone events, including an international assembly with senior business and finance professionals from around the world. There have been dedicated in-person briefings and webinars for other key stakeholders such as global governments, and the initiative is forming a crucial part of planning ACCA’s presence and impact at the forthcoming World Congress of Accountants.

Accounting for a Better World won 'Communications Campaign of the Year' at the International Accountancy Forum and Awards 2023.


“Accounting for a Better World is an important agenda for ACCA to lead and own, and the Man Bites Dog team were instrumental in shaping this effective long-term brand platform. The quality of their strategic thinking and creativity helped us to develop a new and distinctive narrative in order to rally others and help drive the change we need to see in the world.”
Chris Quick, Head of Marketing and Brand Reputation, ACCA

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