Accelerating the EVolution 

Accelerating the EVolution positioned Castrol as a global e-mobility thought leader, revealing the tipping points that would supercharge mainstream electric vehicle adoption.


Castrol, a high-performance motor oil brand with a 120-year heritage, challenged Man Bites Dog to create a bold thought leadership platform that would enable the company to maintain relevance in an automotive industry that was rapidly transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs).

Castrol’s innovative new e-fluid offering, Castrol ON – which ensures EVs run smoothly and their batteries are kept cool – plays an invisible yet critical role in improving vehicle performance. But with e-fluid specifications made early in the R&D lifecycle, Castrol needed to influence the automakers who are developing tomorrow’s EVs today.

Man Bites Dog identified an opportunity for Castrol to answer key questions about the ambitious goal of mainstream EV adoption. How far off is mainstream EV adoption, what are the barriers to realising this future faster, and what is the “size of the prize” if these barriers can be overcome?


Accelerating the EVolution combined quantitative and qualitative opinion research among 10,000 consumers, fleet managers and industry professionals across eight markets to identify the three tipping points that would trigger mainstream electric vehicle adoption:

  • A price point of $36,000

  • A range of 469km

  • A rapid charge time of 31 minutes

Man Bites Dog’s proprietary economic model then revealed a $376 billion per annum automotive market opportunity by 2025 if these three tipping points can be met, providing Castrol with an attention-grabbing number to spark conversations with automotive executives. 

The report was promoted with a digital-first campaign, which included a programme of virtual events, webinars and social media content. This was supported by media toolkits and a business development toolkit for Castrol’s executives, including global and market infographics. 

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Launched from Castrol’s UK-based global HQ, the campaign achieved 420 pieces of media coverage across the globe with top-tier hits in the key European automotive markets of UK, France, Spain and Germany. The campaign also achieved extensive coverage in key markets outside the EMEA region, including Turkey, Australia, the US, China and India. Following activation, we saw an estimated 9.4 million coverage views and 4,240 social shares.

Accelerating the EVolution has raised the profile of e-mobility internally, a vital pillar in Castrol supporting bp’s net zero vision. 500 staff across bp and Castrol attended the internal launch webcast and three regional e-fluids masterclasses were held on the back of the research. The campaign has also acted as a catalyst for conversions with existing and new clients alike and the findings have been used by multiple senior directors in high-profile keynotes at industry events. 

“Accelerating the EVolution is often referenced during conversations with motorsport partners. It is seen as clear evidence that Castrol will play a leading role in the e-mobility transition, and the findings have led to deeper insight-led discussions with our customers”.
Paul Goodmaker, Global Head of Sponsorship and Events, bp and Castrol

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