Managing Partners’ Forum Technology Summit 2018

Posted on February 12, 2018 by Jonathan Helm

We recently had the pleasure of attending the Managing Partners’ Forum Technology Summit. The main themes included the evolution of the workplace and the digital transformation of professional services.

The two key speakers were Dr. Bob Murray, a leading scientist in the field of behavioural neurogenics from Fortinberry Murray, and Rick Seabrook, Managing Director (Europe) of Neota Logic, the producer of an AI software platform for the automation of expertise, documents and business processes.

Dr. Bob (as everyone calls him) started his presentation with a bold statement that professional service firms are ‘rushing into irrelevance’. It was a highly interactive session with plenty of practical advice on how to remain relevant no matter what the future brings. Dr. Bob sounded a cautionary note about rushing into the latest technology and forgetting about the value of your people.

Up next was Rick Seabrook who shared his experience of applying new ways of thinking to create change within professional firms, such as embracing new business models and transforming current business practices through new technologies. Rick believes that the next wave of innovation will be more human-centric in its application and benefit.

The two speakers were excellent and they presented compelling and contrasting perspectives on the key themes. The event was rounded off with an expert panel discussion and audience Q&A. The general consensus was that technology offers more opportunities than threats - but there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure professionals have the skills needed to complement technology in the face of automation.



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