How Ideas Deliver the Goods

Posted on August 5, 2015 by Man Bites Dog


There is a fundamental shift in the way logistic services are marketed. The world has changed and instant gratification is now our reality.

Successful logistic services firms understand their customers. They understand that customer expectations go beyond the collection and delivery of goods. They understand they want speed, reliability and convenience. Crucially, they understand the role they play in driving business growth through enabling the movement of goods.

To move away from a basic transactional relationship and access more senior decision makers - an audience of increasing importance in the logistics buying process. Firms need to better articulate how they enable global trade and how they help navigate complex supply chains in order to support business growth.

Simply talking about what you do - and not what you enable - will no longer cut it. Marketing and PR can be the driving force in positioning logistic services as business critical and relevant.

Some businesses are getting it right. At Man Bites Dog, we've worked to help unlock the knowledge that exists within businesses into compelling propositions and marketing campaigns that reframe the debate on international trade – specifically the export and import of goods. You can read more about these campaigns, including the ‘Olympics Effect’ campaign we designed for UPS – here.

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Tara Burns is a Lead of Industrial and Logistics at B2B specialist agency, Man Bites Dog.

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