Internal marketing – taking stakeholders with you

Posted on March 15, 2013 by Toby Brown

It amazes me how frequently marketing and PR can be undervalued by key organisational stakeholders. And often it’s those that spend the most on delivering fantastically effective communication campaigns that spend the least time communicating and marketing their successes internally.

Internal marketing

More often than not, it’s because marketers are naturally more focused on external audiences than those who either hold, or influence those holding, their purse strings.

This is only natural during uncertain times – when everything is focused on ROI and the bottom line, marketing ‘guns’ are often trained on bringing in the new business at the expense of all else.

But, putting a little effort into building internal awareness of PR activities can go a long way to protecting and growing budgets, securing repeat projects, gaining investment of stakeholder time in projects and, of course, raising the profile of marketing within the business.

With this in mind, we’ve outlined some of the most effective internal marketing tactics to engage key stakeholders in marketing and PR success:

1.Play the fame game

Especially in partner-led businesses, boosting their profile is a sure fire way to gain interest, time and monetary investment in your projects. Creating a ranking of top spokespeople by media mentions - either on your website, intranet or via a monthly blog or newsletter - is a great way of tapping into their desire for exposure, whilst promoting the great broader business you are creating through PR.

2.Market your content:

If you’re in B2B marketing, you’re probably producing a lot of content. Think about how this can be shared internally as well as to your external audiences. You might create an internal ‘thought leadership magazine’ or maybe an online flipbook to show off the ideas you are generating.

3.Talk turkey:

Many internal stakeholders will be worried about just one thing – ROI. Work with sales to develop a clear attribution programme for your campaigns and report on them monthly. Don’t blind people with figures but pull out the best stats, both in terms of measurement and potential revenue. For example, how many new contacts has your content marketing generated, what is the potential revenue stream of your new opportunities?

4.Get commercial:

If you aren’t already closely aligned with sales, why not? More than ever it’s vital to have an eye on the prize. Sales alignment can help you do this, as well as being a great way of gathering insight about the effect of your marketing activity.

5.Get visual:

You’re likely investing in great visuals to spice-up your external marketing, so why not use them internally? Think about producing a campaign summary as an infographic. This approach can be much more engaging than a list of statistics and will allow you to demonstrate the innovative approaches you are applying in your external marketing.

6.Become a film star:

There aren't many opportunities to get in front of internal stakeholders, so why not produce a summary video of what you’ve been up to? If you have the capability to create video graphics then use this to convey key statistics and achievements of your campaigns.

7.Let it all hang out:

If you can muster the interest, you might want to take this one step further, presenting a webinar or organising a Google Hangout to tell the internal world what you’ve been up to.

If you have any other successful ideas you’d like to share, add your comments below.


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