Five Super Quick Takeaways from the B2B Marketing Expo

Posted on May 12, 2016 by Julia Burns

When I was young, my dad regularly tried to get me to admit that he is ‘kind, handsome, noble and generous’. Decades on, I still remember the exact phrase, and while there are probably lots of reasons why, one is that it was repeated on a number of occasions over a period of time. This, coupled with experience, is how I learn.

Ideas first aidAs a result, going to conferences is always a little bit hit and miss for me as slides fade out of my memory as quickly as they swoosh in. Today’s B2B Expo at the ExCel centre was a little different as the talks were so bite-sized.

I took away one or two points from each that I’ll put into practice. I hope they’re useful for anyone looking for some quick tips on how to approach marketing slightly differently:

  • Quickly test and iterate some ideas rather than always focusing on big bang campaigns (Shane Redding, Think Direct)
  • Use simple gamification techniques to encourage more people to blog more often (Connor Kinnear, Passle)
  • Don’t discount B2C tactics for B2B social media (Aiden Carroll, Our Digital Brain)
  • Develop your own TECIE scorecard (talent, experience, culture, intelligence, enthusiasm) for hiring the right people for your team (Jeremy Straker, NewVoiceMedia)
  • Debrief regularly to develop a high performance team, just like the Red Arrows (Jas Hawker, Mission Excellence)

Find me on twitter (@JuliaCBurns) to add to this list if you were at the Expo or just want to share some tips.

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