Fighting fragmentation in an era of rapid evolution

Posted on February 13, 2018 by Jonathan Helm

Business transformation has hit a rapid pace. Whether it's through innovation, acquisition, or diversification, organisations are facing exponential pressure to expand and evolve as globalisation and technology fuel increasingly competitive marketplaces.

In an era where companies are built to change, not necessarily to last, many businesses have only two options; evolve or face extinction. But the challenges of fast-paced business transformation can be significant.

As organisations expand their offerings, enter new markets or merge corporate cultures post acquisition or merger, the risk of fragmentation is acute. Companies can become disconnected from their purpose for being and the reasons their customers chose them in the first place, alienating stakeholders both inside and out. And as CMOs are increasingly expected to play a strategic role in bringing their organisation together, this presents new demands on the marketing function. But in a constantly changing environment, business objectives and focus, ensuring marketing efforts remain united can become an endless battle.

Whether you’re faced with balancing the demands of siloed business units; developing campaigns that resonate in multiple markets or creating PR programs that get universal buy-in, it’s easy to become pulled in multiple directions. Coupled with the fact that the marketing industry is exploding with tactics, channels and marketing platforms, there is a strong temptation for marketers to divide and conquer.

While Martech has an important role to play in the modern marketing mix, falling in awe of digital innovations can be a perilous distraction from the bigger picture. Developing a multitude of siloed mini-marketing strategies will drain your budget and divide your time, ultimately failing to deliver the company-wide impact that's expected of a marketing department.

In an era where organisations face increased competition, wavering customer loyalty and lower levels of employee engagement, reducing fragmentation has never been more vital. Marketers need to renew their story to improve coherency, enhance clarity and engage customers, employees and investors to support the organisation’s next phase of evolution.

So when you need to deliver on all fronts, how do you ensure that you can develop a campaign that delivers? The answer: a single unifying campaign, delivered through a compelling story, that unites an organisation with it's customers.

At Man Bites Dog, we specialise in bringing the many pieces of modern marketing and business strategy together, with campaigns that give whole organisations direction and focus. Call us today and tell us about your business challenges.


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