How to get internal buy in for truly differentiated campaigns

Posted on April 15, 2016 by Toby Brown

The world of business technology suffers from homogeneity more than most. This is down to an industry tendency to jump on the trend bandwagon. Do a quick search on big data or cloud, for example, and I guarantee you’ll come away confused and overwhelmed by the amount of similar ideas and content out there.

This tendency to ‘chase the new’ stems from the fact that most business tech firms are fundamentally sales organisations above all else. Aligning with the latest concept (or buzzword) is seen as critical to selling effectively to clients. And so, organisations tend to focus on tactical content and campaigns at the expense of anything that truly differentiates the business.

The trouble with this is that everyone ends up looking exactly the same – talking about the same issues in the same way as everyone else.

We find that the tendency to focus on undifferentiated, lead-gen-focused campaigns, is often built-in to business technology firms – business leaders will often block anything that isn’t tied to specific sales numbers or pipeline projections. By focusing almost entirely on direct sales metrics, they shut-out opportunities to create potentially business-changing marketing programmes.

Time and time again our clients realise the benefits of doing things differently, as soon as they’ve managed to make the case for and garnered enough internal support to invest in truly differentiated campaigns. And the payoff can be huge.

For anyone currently facing these kind of challenges or clamouring to create campaigns that really leave a mark, we’ve pooled our best advice for getting big ideas through organisations into this handy slideshare.

We’d welcome your feedback and of course, let us know if you have any other tips that have worked for you.

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