YouTube and Facebook officially better than sex, and other great ideas

Posted on November 19, 2014 by Rachael Evans

OK, so YouTube and Facebook only come out on top (pardon the pun) in terms of mentions and search terms online, but David McCandless - author of Knowledge is Beautiful - certainly knows how to grab the attention of an audience.

David MacCandless autograph

Last week I decided to do something productive with my Monday evening and went to see David talk about his new book (mentioned above).  He shared an array of infographics and data visualisations exploring the relationships & patterns between numbers, ideas, facts and world-views. A Monday evening well spent!

David is data visualisation royalty. Why? I believe it’s his ability to articulate often complex data into insights that can engage and excite audiences. So, I was thinking, is there a lesson in there for B2B marketing? And no, the answer isn’t just create more infographics (although, not a bad idea).

The power of a great idea in B2B marketing

Our B2B clients say that creative content, based on a compelling idea, is their most effective sales tool. However, CMOs also tell us that a lack of ideas is now posing a real challenge to them achieving their marketing goals.

Like David McCandless, B2B marketers work with complex information but in the form of specialist knowledge inherent in their products and services. However, this knowledge alone is not a differentiator in crowded markets. What’s the answer? I believe that those advisors who best articulate their specialist knowledge into ideas that truly lead, will be positioned to win.

How can B2B marketers generate great ideas?

Great ideas require some great thinking. Our 4D thought leadership model could be a good place to start.

  1. Think big: What are the macro issues that move markets? Ignore trending topics, look for emerging themes and be the first to recognise their significance.
  1. Think ahead: What should be keeping your clients awake at night? If you can name and frame the challenge, clients will turn to you to solve it.
  1. Think brand capabilities: Consider your brand and capabilities; what unique insights can you offer? An idea that isn’t aligned with what you do is just abstract noise.
  1. Think cut through: Cut through the noise; where are your competitors absent or weak? Don’t join their debate, start a new one and invest for the long-term.

For more information on our 4D model, download our Follow the Leader whitepaper.

And there’s more. In the New Year, we will be exploring: Is B2B marketing facing a crisis of creativity? To register your interest in receiving the full report get in touch: [email protected]




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