Barking Up The Right Tree

Posted on April 1, 2007 by Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Dog has teamed up with the World Land Trust to make the company carbon balanced.

Following a year long programme to reduce Man Bites Dog's carbon footprint, the company is now working with the Trust to offset its remaining carbon emissions.

World Land Trust's carbon offsetting programme involves restoration ecology: the restoration of degraded natural habitat. The Trust's main offset project is in Buenaventura, Ecuador, where local partners are planting native species of tree to extend an existing wildlife reserve. As these trees grow they sequester CO2 at a rate in excess of 6 tonnes per hectare per year for 20 years or more.

As part of its environmental programme Man Bites Dog has reduced energy consumption and switched to a renewable electricity provider; reviewed its supply chain; undertaken an intensive recycling programme; increased use of public transport and introduced a cycle to work scheme.

Claire Mason, Managing Director, said: "Man Bites Dog aims to have a positive impact on our environment. Reducing our carbon footprint is the primary goal of our environmental policy. With the help of the World Land Trust we are now able to offset any remaining essential emissions by restoring and preserving degraded tropical forest."


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