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Happy Chinese New Year! 2018: Year of the Dog.

Posted on 15th February 2018 by Robert McLeod

"As we usher in the Chinese ‘Year of the Dog’, we reflect on success in 2017 and the work ahead."

February 16th is the beginning of Year of the Dog, more precisely Year of the ‘Earth Dog’. Incredibly, the last Earth Dog year, 1958, produced some of the 20th Century’s greatest music artists, including David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Kate Bush and Prince.

But what made them so successful? As well as being ambitious and tenacious, Dogs exhibit many characteristics that will make 2018 a great year for them. And as Man Bites Dog expands its abilities to include marketing consultancy as well as PR, we looked at the characteristics of what made these ‘dogs’ so successful, and what it takes to create brands and campaigns that transcend cultural boundaries and are truly remarkable.

2017 saw Man Bites Dog nominated for swathes of awards for our work with leading HR and people consultancy Korn Ferry. But what is it that sets ‘Earth Dogs’ apart, and how can we emulate them?


Talent, perception & wisdom

Our work is based on the central idea that taking the same approach as your competitors will get you nowhere. You need something truly differentiating to set you apart and cut through the noise in your industry.

Central to our proposition, are our people, without whom we’d be an empty room. To challenge the norm, they understand how your business operates internally and in the larger industry context to find white space you can claim as your own.

Creating a marketing or comms idea which resonates with your audience and sets you apart is not something everyone can do – but we can.


Great communication

We wouldn’t be doing our job as marketers if we weren’t good communicators. Taking your central business opportunity and challenges and creating a unique and differentiating ideas is just the start of what we do.

After that, we need to reach your customers and prospects and explain to them why your company is vital to theirs. We do this through a range of channels and methods to reach your target audience, from digital marketing, to thought-leadership, to developing a go-to-market proposition that will make you stand out. We make sure that your audience understands your business and create preference towards it.


Reaching goals & objectives

Ultimately, through telling the right people about what you do, we’ll support your business and marketing objectives. We design our marketing campaigns to do this from the outset – we don’t tack on some KPIs as an afterthought – we make sure you understand how we’re supporting your core businesses goals.

Whether you need to raise awareness of a new product with your clients, engage new customers in new regions to create leads, or deliver a marketing campaign that drives direct sales, we’ll make sure we deliver positive ROI.

But more than that, we pride ourselves on our sustainable comms campaigns, that don’t give our clients one-off brand exposures, but are platforms for lasting engagement and are lifetime value generators.


Efficiency and proactivity

Last but not least, our first-class account management team are more than just people on the end of an email. They are committed to delivering your marketing and PR campaigns to the best of their abilities, and are the brains behind everything we do.

They’re driven by doing work that is truly meaningful, and won’t settle on ‘me-too’ proposition design or factory model marketing plans. They create new and interesting ideas and focus to deliver them to market quickly so as not to miss the opportunity for your business.We’re excited about 2018 and what the Year of the Dog holds for us.


Watch this space for updates on new work we’re doing, our latest thinking, events we’re holding, and of course industry recognition for our ground-breaking work.

Happy Dog Year!

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