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Beyond The Soap Box

The Legatum Institute Prosperity Index Infographic showing the progress of 142 nationsAs austerity continues to bite, championing public services and competing to provide outsourced services are more important than ever.

We are experts in untangling complex issues to create clear strategies and compelling campaign platforms that connect the people and organisations who shape the policy agenda. Our work ranges from partnering with think tanks on public policy; working directly for governments and third-sector organisations to develop long-term strategies and high-impact campaigns; and supporting business advisors and outsourced service providers to win increasingly competitive public sector contracts.

Our campaigns include major global programmes (for example urging global political leaders to measure their nation’s progress not just in GDP but the wellbeing of their populations) to those closer to home, campaigning for the rights of UK adults with learning disabilities to a life, not just an existence.

We work with leading business advisory firms to demonstrate their expert insight on global and EU issues, central and local government and key sectors including health, crime and justice. From a policy perspective, we also develop respected research and papers for our clients on subjects including business demographics (start-ups, scale-ups, mid caps, enterprise) and global trade.

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