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?What If!

Eyes Wide Shut

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?What If! needed a communications strategy, profile and messaging to match the high level work at the heart of business. They tasked us with repositioning the business away from its past reputation (for FMCG creative innovation) to the truly transformational nature of its latest work (for everyone from high street banks to industrial giants).


Man Bites Dog created a new, strategic proposition to engage the C-suite, repositioning ?What If! from the CMO’s ideas agency to the CEO’s strategic innovation consultancy. We cemented this with our Eyes Wide Shut thought leadership campaign on the commercial impact of the UK’s innovation vacuum – a campaign which drew praise from Forbes magazine “even the language is innovative”. We announced this via an FT exclusive and a highly successful launch event attended by MPs, national journalists and 40 CEOs. To amplify the impact of the research and engage potential clients and employees, we developed a highly shareable infographic and visualisation to explain the results.

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This campaign has laid the foundations for a step-change in the way ?What If! goes to market. It resulted in:

  • A highly successful launch event was attended by MPs and CEOs of some of the largest organisations in the world.
  • Regular follow up events with super-select groups are being carried out on an ongoing basis.
  • Over 700 Eyes Wide Shut documents used as discussion starters with CEOs and marketing leaders.
  • High quality media coverage at launch and a long tail of in-depth, sector specific articles, interviews and features.
  • Industry data being used regularly to secure new business with high profile clients.
  • An internal communications campaign.