Google for Work

Google for Work

The Retail Agility Challenge


Google for Work’s suite of productivity tools is the main challenger to Microsoft’s workplace technology dominance, aiming to help people work the way they live by focusing on collaboration and an unparalleled  user experience. In this intensely competitive space Google needs to do things differently, adopting smart marketing ideas that generate disproportionate results and live up to the brand’s reputation for innovation.

Google engaged Man Bites Dog to help with three specific challenges in the retail sector:

  • All large target retailers have an incumbent technology provider, which means making a significant change. Departing from the status quo isn’t easy and it requires true excitement from the business sponsor to push it through.
  • There was often a mismatch, particularly in early stage sales meetings, between the expectations of C-suite prospects and the actual experience of engaging with Google. The Google brand promised innovation and excitement, but after engaging with Google for Work, some were left uninspired.
  • In addition, while prospects perceived Google as an innovator, they struggled to envision how its tools could help change their organisations today and, as a result, weren’t motivated to “Go Google”.

Google for Work needed to tackle these challenges head-on and drive significant sales pipeline – all for under £200k.


Man Bites Dog set out to develop an end-to-end marketing communications programme that would build awareness, drive interest and deliver direct sales from top retail prospects. As an antidote to boring product demos and sales meetings, MBD created an immersive event concept – The Retail Agility Challenge –  influenced by the Escape Room trend, to deliver Google’s brand promise. The team built a department store that was failing to keep up with the demands of modern retail. The challenge was designed to bring together business and technology leaders from the UK’s largest retailers and set them a series of challenges to help reverse the store’s poor performance using Google for Work’s tools. By focusing on the challenge, C-suite executives could discover for themselves how Google for Work’s tools could be applied to their own organisation, today.



  • Raised profile of Google for Work across the retail industry and drove home its relevance to the sector
  • Enhanced reputation with key strategic partners PwC and Accenture and analysts IDC, Gartner and Planet Retail
  • Drew exclusive interest and coverage from leading business and sector media, including:


  • The event enabled GfW to engage with executives from more than 50 of its top retail prospects
  • Google for Work held more than 30 hours of in-depth discussions with more than 150 senior executives who attended from 30 of Google’s top retail prospects including Vodafone, Aldi and Ikea


  • Smashed Google’s three month pipeline target by 313%
  • Delivered four direct RFPs in the two weeks following the event
  • Delivered 15x ROI in just two weeks

*Please note, detailed financial results for this campaign have been removed for client confidentiality reasons.