The Marketing Maturity Matrix


Man Bites Dog set out to raise the pan-European profile of marketing production specialist Charterhouse amongst marketing professionals and move conversations away from a history of traditional print management towards comprehensive production management.


To do this, we developed a branded concept, The Marketing Maturity Matrix, which assessed the sophistication of procurement practices and highlighted cost saving opportunities, underpinned by independent research amongst procurement heads at 500 of Europe’s largest businesses. The research revealed that the majority of firms suffer from immature marketing procurement and, as a result, waste up to €716 million through inefficient practices.

Man Bites Dog employed infographic and videographic elements to illustrate the findings and launched the research results as a whitepaper with accompanying keynote speech at the premier industry event: ProcureCon Indirect. Our team worked closely with Charterhouse’s new business partner to undertake a concerted programme of outreach and promotion of Charterhouse’s interactive maturity calculator tool on its own site. Ultimately, delivering a fully integrated media launch to targeted sector titles.


The resulting marketing campaign delivered real commercial results for Charterhouse:


Of new business meetings during the campaign period resulted from a conversation about the whitepaper
Five delivered high value RFIs.


Complete engagements
with interactive calculator tool, including by 40 key prospects.


Whitepaper downloads
in addition to hard copy distribution at ProcureCon Indirect.


For translated copies of the whitepaper
from pan-European prospects.


in website visits during campaign.