Establishing a joined-up marketing, PR and business development strategy is critical to success. That’s why we provide a full range of marketing and business development services – moving seamlessly from brand building to generating inbound leads, nurturing contacts and, ultimately, delivering the new business leads that drive growth.

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B2B organisations look the same from the outside with largely the same geographic footprint, sector capabilities, products and services. Whether we’re starting from scratch, reinvigorating your brand, or helping you stand out in a crowded marketplace, we find your point of difference and build your brand identity – from look and feel to messaging architecture.

Content Marketing

Content marketing should support your clients’ entire decision-making journey, from early stage interest to making the final sale. Man Bites Dog knows how to design and implement content marketing that delivers. We help businesses map their target audience and their information-gathering journey, and use these insights to build an effective content strategy that is executed across owned, earned and paid media.

Inbound and SEO

Research has shown that B2B buyers are often more than 60% through their decision making journey before contacting a consultant or sales representative. As a marketer you simply cannot sit and hope these buyers will end up at your door. Man Bites Dog helps businesses attract potential buyers and create an engaging inbound marketing and SEO approach that ensures you are there to be found when it matters most.


Even in a digital-first world there is no substitute for a firm handshake. We create powerful, innovative events that enable our clients to interact personally with their key audiences – from intimate ideas-led events and exclusive C-Suite gatherings to global conferences. We build events that people queue-up to attend and can’t stop talking about afterwards, capturing content using video, live feedback tools and photography to amplify the impact long after the event is over.

Email and Direct Marketing

Decision-makers are snowed under by the sheer volume of content that crosses their desk and it is getting harder and harder to pique the interest of these time-poor audiences. Man Bites Dog is the expert in developing content that cuts through. We build creative content with personalised messages and calls to action, and execute campaigns in an intelligent, targeted way to ensure your message lands.


Information overload has driven business decision-makers to find new ways to keep ahead of the latest industry trends. Man Bites Dog takes complex ideas and turns them into creative audio and video assets that your audiences want to download and share. From videographics, talking heads, podcasts and audio guides – we’ll help you create multimedia content that works.


Digital and mobile technologies have created huge opportunities to not only speak to your audience, but to really engage with them. Man Bites Dog’s experience in developing digital assets for the world’s smartest brands means we understand how, why and where your audiences engage. From websites and apps to visualisations and diagnostics, we use the latest technologies to reach your audiences in innovative new ways.

Sales Facilitation

Most marketing campaigns are designed to generate commercial results for the business, and yet many marketers struggle to link marketing and sales in an effective way. We work with clients with both short and long-term sales cycles to integrate the business development process. Our services range from C-suite matchmaking and advisory programmes, through to internal training and sales toolkits. Whether you are supporting fee earning business advisors to enable relationship-led sales, or energising a sales force, Man Bites Dog will help you to pull the levers that unleash your growth potential.