Man Bites Dog is the thought leader in thought leadership. We have dedicated the past decade to generating Man Bites Dog stories: ideas that lead and ultimately sell. Our multi award-winning campaigns set the standard for success and demonstrate time and again that compelling ideas, directly aligned to your business challenges, hold the key to market differentiation and competitive advantage. Our tried and tested three-step process ensures that we first understand your objectives and challenges before developing an idea that is strategically aligned, robustly evidenced, packaged and activated to generate measurable impact.

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The foundation of a successful campaign is understanding. At Man Bites Dog all of our campaigns are based on solid insight, clear objectives and agreed measurement criteria. We immerse ourselves in your brand, your sector and your audiences to develop a precise brief and identify the white space for your campaign to occupy.


At Man Bites Dog we are known for our ability to turn complex information into original and engaging stories. Using our 4D thought leadership model, we work with your experts and business leaders to develop a big idea that creates a call to action for what you sell and speaks to your unique capabilities. Once we have the big idea, we develop a robust way to evidence it – from economic modelling to high-level opinion research – and create a compelling story that appeals to media, influencers, clients and prospects. This big idea is the vehicle to articulate your thinking.


We are experts in making ideas travel, developing campaigns that work across all marketing communications channels. As pioneers of ideas-led selling, Man Bites Dog knows that truly integrated campaigns deliver the biggest impact. Whether you’re looking for a detailed white paper, an interactive microsite, beautiful infographics, video animations that turn data points into narratives, or even your own TV debate, our team push boundaries to ensure we package your campaign in an innovative and engaging way. We activate content seamlessly through public relations, marketing and business development to deliver tangible commercial impact.