How future-ready organisations can use thought leadership to tell their stories

Decarbonising our economy to combat climate change is the challenge of our lifetime, and business has a critical role to play.

The scale of innovation and organisational transformation required to bring about the net zero economy cannot be underestimated. Whether you’re a professional advisor helping companies navigate change, or a CEO leading a corporate transition strategy, your sustainable thinking is critical to competitive advantage in the next economy.

Man Bites Dog has a 15-year track record of developing award-winning global sustainability thought leadership campaigns. We have helped our clients build reputation and deliver real-world change by revealing the private sector investment opportunity in the UN SDGs, ranking the world’s most sustainable cities, and identifying the accelerators for mainstream electric vehicle adoption.

Our unique 4D strategic ideas framework enables our clients to carve out their authentic green space as leaders in their field. Our research has been endorsed by global governments, national banks, the World Economic Forum and the UN. 

We advise multinationals on their global net zero transition strategy, corporate communications and reporting. The urgency of net zero transition and the impact of the pandemic have accelerated pressure on the E and the S of ESG, and put the spotlight on individual CEOs and their sustainable leadership as never before. We support CEOs with their sustainability story, co-creating visionary future thinking to cement their place in the next economy.

Man Bites Dog’s investor community, the $50 Trillion Club, gives us unique insights into the complexities of ESG reporting and capital allocation. With two-thirds of investors believing that a company’s net zero transition strategy and leadership is now a better predictor of future corporate success than its past performance, now is the time to develop and share your sustainable thinking. 

Contact us at to find out what your organisation’s Sustainable Thinking campaign could look like.  

Example clients and campaigns include:

  • Global Banks: Communicating corporate strategy and sustainable finance products and services.
  • Asset managers: Developing differentiated campaigns for ESG rated, responsible and impact investment services (including SDG-linked investments). We also operate the world’s largest community of asset managers.
  • Insurers and risk consultancies: Developing campaigns on climate risk and resilience. 
  • Multinationals and large corporates: Communicating net zero transition strategy, technology innovation and new products and services to support decarbonisation in the organisation and its supply chain.
  • Energy and cleantech innovators: Supporting established and emerging energy and cleantech companies, OEMs and infrastructure providers including renewables, battery and hydrogen pioneers, and EV transport leaders. 
  • Supply chain and logistics: Building on the expertise of our renowned international trade team to champion resilient, net zero supply chains and technology innovation for trade finance providers, logistics leaders and professional services firms.
  • Professional services (including management consultancies, law firms and accountancy firms): Developing and communicating sustainability as a service offers to support clients (including multinationals and the financial sector) with net zero transition, climate risk and the ESG agenda. 
  • Development banks, agencies and broader stakeholders: Supporting the sustainable development ecosystem to achieve net zero and the UN sustainable development goals.