Let’s do the mess around

Posted on 4th April 2014 by Clare Granville

B2B communications can be a fast-paced and stressful environment. Weeks go by without seemingly lifting your head from the keyboard. And yet, companies rely on their marketers to be the most creative people in the room. We need time to sit back, let our minds wander and…just see what happens.

The slinky, penicillin, pacemaker, silly putty and cornflakes were all created by accident. 3M once created an invisible wall by mistake and the post-it note was the result of one of its researchers making an adhesive that wasn’t quite sticky enough. Thank goodness for trial and error.

A little closer to home, you may have seen our Round Room and beach huts – designed to stimulate breakout sessions, brainstorms and creativity whenever the need strikes. Some of our most award-winning campaigns have been dreamed up in this ideas incubator. It’s also great for team morale.

Now that we’re all feeling refreshed following National Bed Month, we should be continuing to take time out to hit snooze, don your sleeping caps and experiment with new ideas and creativity. Not only is it productive, it keeps the right-brain cells active and encourages you to think far and wide, beyond the obvious and into the potentially profitable unknown.

We can’t all afford a dedicated R&D team like 3M, but whether you’re a marketer who’s looking for a unique idea, a consultant or a fee earner who needs an excuse to speak to a key prospect, a little break can do you the world of good. Let’s do the mess around.

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