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With Airbus suggesting any #Brexit deal needs to come soon, should more businesses speak out on political issues? R… https://t.co/GPFdCoOMsG

Business Sirens: Why we can expect to hear more from Big Business

Posted on 25th June 2018 by Claire Mason

A UK Government Minister has publicly criticised corporates that are threatening to pull out of Britain over Brexit, branding last week’s comments by Airbus “completely inappropriate.” In an unprecedented move, the public was urged to stop our ears and ignore the “siren voices” of multinational employers making public interventions in politics. But are these siren […]

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Still got it – London Tech Week 2018

Posted on 21st June 2018 by Fiona Buckley

I recently attended the techXLR8 event as part of London Tech Week, the biggest showcase by leading tech companies of technology and innovation in Europe. I was encouraged to see, that despite the economic Brexit angst, the tech scene is going from strength to strength in the UK, which is why it forms a crucial […]

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Closing The Gender SAY Gap: Why We Need Visible Women

Posted on 12th June 2018 by Claire Mason

Gender equality is having a moment. One hundred years after women were granted the vote, we have finally seen the statue of a woman, suffragist Millicent Fawcett, join the 11 men in Parliament Square. We have heard women speak out against sexual harassment with the #MeToo movement and we have tried to measure our inequality […]

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The B2B marketers guide to internal innovation

Posted on 4th April 2018 by Robert McLeod

Innovation is a term often misunderstood. Confused with simple adoption of the latest technology or creating something ‘new’, and often limited to product or service development. But invention is less often than so the route to success. Most innovations fail through a lack of customer need, poorly scoped commercial impact, or even lack of interest […]

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Man Bites Dog win Best Thought Leadership at MPF Awards

Posted on 8th March 2018 by Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Dog has won the Best Thought Leadership award at the Managing Partners’ Forum (MPF) Awards for Management Excellence 2018, for The Future of Work is Human campaign in partnership with Korn Ferry. The MPF Awards invite entries from leaders in global professional service firms to showcase their strategic leadership and management expertise, with […]

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Happy Chinese New Year! 2018: Year of the Dog.

Posted on 15th February 2018 by Robert McLeod

February 16th is the beginning of Year of the Dog, more precisely Year of the ‘Earth Dog’. Incredibly, the last Earth Dog year, 1958, produced some of the 20th Century’s greatest music artists, including David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Kate Bush and Prince. But what made them so successful? As well […]

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Fighting fragmentation in an era of rapid evolution

Posted on 13th February 2018 by Jonathan Helm

Business transformation has hit a rapid pace. Whether it’s through innovation, acquisition, or diversification, organisations are facing exponential pressure to expand and evolve as globalisation and technology fuel increasingly competitive marketplaces. In an era where companies are built to change, not necessarily to last, many businesses have only two options; evolve or face extinction. But […]

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Managing Partners’ Forum Technology Summit 2018

Posted on 12th February 2018 by Jonathan Helm

We recently had the pleasure of attending the Managing Partners’ Forum Technology Summit. The main themes included the evolution of the workplace and the digital transformation of professional services. The two key speakers were Dr. Bob Murray, a leading scientist in the field of behavioural neurogenics from Fortinberry Murray, and Rick Seabrook, Managing Director (Europe) of […]

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If you build it, they will come… Creating growth through user engagement

Posted on 29th January 2018 by Duncan Sparke

The great opportunity that comes from building marketing campaigns in 2018, is that the power of word-of-mouth has reached epic proportions. The title of this blog is evidence of that very phenomenon. The quote “if you build it, they will come”, is wrong. The actual quote from Field of Dreams is “if you build it, […]

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